Friday, January 5, 2018

The benefits of carpet padding

     You've paid hundreds or even thousands for that new carpeting or rug--and now the "experts" are recommending that you spend even more to buy a pad to put underneath it. Believe them and get a good pad. It will save you money in the long run.
     For both carpets and rugs, a good pad not only increases the comfort but it extends the life of your carpet or rug. It reduces wear and tear plus pile crushing by absorbing the pressure created by walking on the carpet or rug. It also allows for deeper vacuuming because it raises the rug or carpet off of the floor. This allows the air to flow through it more easily, making it possible to remove more dirt from the rug or carpet.

There are also other benefits associated with rugs. 
Pads are a safety issue. No matter where the rug is placed (on carpet or hardwood or etc), a pad keeps the rug in place to prevent slips and pulls. It provides protection for the flooring underneath the rug - Very important! A pad prevents dye transfer, marring, staining, and scratching to the floor or carpeting beneath.
     Note: Rug pads are specific to the type of flooring underneath - if you have carpeting under your rug, make sure you purchase a rug pad made specifically for carpeting. The same goes for hard floorings. Don't use a pad for carpet for a hardwood floor - they are not made the same and will not give the comfort and protection your floor needs.

What kind of pads to get.

     The most popular type is rebond pads which are made from scraps of high density foam. Pads come in different weights. The Carpet Cushion Council recommends a pad of 6 pounds at a minimum. However this is a minimum recommendation and a pad of 8 pounds will provide longer wear. There are also pads that have a scrim on top to prevent liquids from soaking into the pad. These pads also have anti-microbial aspects that inhibit the breeding of bacteria and associated smells. This type of padding is very good for homes with pets and small children.

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