Thursday, September 29, 2011

Have your carpets lost their luster, don't give up on them

During these difficult times, you may look at your carpets, want to replace them but would rather not spend the money. with a little more effort, you can extend their useful life and maintain your beautiful home. Typical situations that mar the beauty are spots and spills, wear patterns and rippling or buckling of the carpet. Spots and spill clean up are addressed in earlier blogs. However, sometimes they will not come up and are permanent. For these situations, a strategically placed throw rug or piece of furniture may be your best approach. High use areas or traffic patterns are a result of concentrated foot traffic that is actually wearing the carpet away. Because the tops of the carpet fibers are being worn and frayed, they look dull. These frayed fibers will also absorb spills quicker and hold dirt a little more readily than non-worn areas. Therefore, more frequent vacuuming (daily would be great) of just the traffic patterns will help them look better longer and immediate blotting of any spills will help reduce the probability of them becoming permanent stains. Carpets that are rippling or buckling can be the result of different factors but can be easily and economically remedied by having the carpets stretched. Finally professional cleaning by a company that pays extra attention to spot removal can spruce up the appearance and bring life back to the carpet's appearance. Following these simple steps may make your decision to keep them longer a little easier. If you have any other questions, visit our website for other helpful tips.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Do It Yourself Spot Cleaning Video

Visit our you tube link to see how easy do it yourself spot cleaning can be. Remember the key is to go slow. Hope you enjoy the video
Do-It-Yourself Spot Cleaning Video
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