Monday, February 13, 2012

Understand Who You Hire to Clean

To get the proper value for your money, knowing who you hire is important. The requirements for excellent cleaning in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry are as follows. The people doing the work must have the knowledge to identify the types of carpet or upholstery material they will be cleaning. They should also know the limitations and requirements to clean each type correctly and have the experience required to insure the carpet or upholstery does not get damaged during cleaning. Also, they need to spend the time required to do the job correctly and use top quality products and equipment.

All businesses are “For Profit”! When companies use low prices to get your business, realize that to stay in business, they are going to make a profit. Therefore, they are forced to reduce the quality of proper cleaning through one or all of the following.

1) They allocate less time for the job, which forces the cleaning crew to rush and not properly clean your fabrics.

2) They use inexpensive cleaning products and equipment to reduce the cost which prevents optimum cleaning results.

3) They use inexperienced, under paid labor who may not know how to properly use their equipment or how to deal with fabrics or challenges. If the technician does not properly understand how their equipment works, they can over wet your carpets and create hidden damage that impacts its life. Also, when there are stains or the fabrics are non-traditional. If not addressed correctly, stains will remain and can become permanent. Finally, if the technicians do not understand the type of carpet or upholstery you have, they can actually damage it and make it look worse than when they started.

The morale of the story is “You Get What You Pay For”. The cheaper the price, the more a company reduces the cost to perform the job, which affects the quality of cleaning.

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