Monday, August 9, 2010

Upholstery Spills, How to deal with them

When there is a spill on your upholstery, DON'T PANIC. However, act promptly before it spreads or dries.

For Liquid Spills

Blot lightly with a dry towel to start. Increase pressure and use a fresh towel until no more liquid is absorbed. DO NOT RUB! If residue remains, see the stain removal guide on our website,

For solid or semi-solid spills (such as foods)

Gently lift the substance from the upholstery with a spoon or dull knife, scraping carefully toward the center of the spill. Treat any wet residue as a liquid spill.

For dry spill (such as ashes or dry cosmetics)

Adding any liquid to a normally dry substance, such as ashes, may cause a permanent stain. Vacuum, then beat the area with a ruler or similar implement and vacuum again. Then, using the adhesive side of masking tape, remove any residue.

After trying these tips, if the stains presist, contact us,


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